Cloud Storage

Go beyond solving a persistent problem and turn storage into a competitive Advantage
Orchestrate Cloud Storage is a high performance, secure cloud storage solution that enables you to replicate, move, share and archive data within your organization and with your partners.
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Cloud Storage Key Features:
Super scalable
Cloud-based solution with elastic capacity as needed.
Global upload and download
Fast uploads via localized ingest points. Cloud Storage is available in every Compute Center, with direct connections to 950+ lastmile access networks around the world
Locations worldwide
Global storage footprint with over 30 POPs all tied together with a unified namespace.
The right rules
Configurable policies and streamlined workflow based on content criteria.
Big-league capacity
Support for large object libraries. The number of objects you can store is virtually unlimited.
Simplified. Organized
Single logical directory structure.
Fine-tune and stay fresh
Control over where data is stored and for how long via replication policies.
Majorly resilient
No single point of failure. During the provisioning process, you can choose any number of copies and locations to optimize for latency and achieve high reliability.
Speaks your language
Wide variety of upload protocols (FTP, sFTP, FTPs, RSYNC, SSH, HTTP).