Did You Know That Every 0.1 Second Delay Costs You 1% Decrease in sales?
You inject good amount of dollars to bring people to your online shop, but if you don’t provide them with the right shopping experience they will leave right away.
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Ray Networks’ solution for e-Commerce
We have a full suite of services designed to help you to enhance and optimize your online store, create better shopper experience, maximize conversion and boost profits.
Orchestrate Performance
With three levels of web optimizations: static object caching, dynamic content acceleration and front end acceleration, your content moves faster across devices worldwide.
Orchestrate Content Delivery
Our Global CDN is a data super highway, speeding your content into the right hands, in the right format, at the right time. In fact, we are 8% faster than our biggest competitor and 40% faster than the smaller ones
Orchestrate Cloud Storage
Our Cloud Storage offers global geographic placement in over 30 POPs around the globe, and allow you to simplify management and reduce long-term IT costs.