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Orchestrate Performance isn't the same as other dynamic site acceleration and website application acceleration solutions. It's a suite of technologies that are integrated into the network itself and combine multiple performance vectors: websites, web interfaces and apps.
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Performance Solutions Key Features:
Browser optimizations
Orchestrate Performance works across major browsers to reduce the number of requests required to load a page, reduce the size of each request, and deliver your web pages faster.
Intelligent scripting
Web pages will retain their original look and behavior as we postpone scripts on the back end, speeding time to interaction.
Image optimizations
Orchestrate Performance is capable of delivering above-the-fold objects before others. Objects are combined into larger downloads to increase efficiency.
Strategic caching
Set policies to automate the checking and refreshing of dynamic content to ensure it is performed at the right intervals and with minimal overhead.
Delivery optimizations
Orchestrate Content Delivery is meant to support multiple user devices, formats, and protocols.
Delivery management
Set logical rules and manipulate how your content is handled. Orchestrate Content Delivery can work within your existing business rules, so there are no additional configurations to write and maintain.